How do you get started selling food products?

Well, you could ask a bunch of food makers how they did it. Get lost in the Web. Or read Susie Wyshak's Good Food, Great Business: How To Take Your Artisan Food Idea From Concept to Marketplace.

Save loads of time and money with tips, do's and don'ts from experts, food retailers and food entrepreneurs who learned the hard way.

Free, online business planning worksheets help you get started (or decide not to!).

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Whether you’re a chef or new to food, whether you want to sell one food on Etsy or a full product line in specialty food shops, Good Food Great Business (Chronicle Books) takes the guesswork out of starting up — from concept to production to sales and marketing.

Susie Wyshak undertook this project to bring you the kind of knowledge that might otherwise take years to glean. 

Good Food is all about good people.

Featured companies who shared their secrets include Specialty Food Neococoa ConfectionsAssociation Sofi award winners. Food crafters who've won Good Food Awards. And long-time industry veterans, retailers, and folks just like you who gave it a go. All born of passion. All full of so many unlikely and fascinating lessons learned.

Take the companies you'll read about whose name start with 'R,' for example...

making canned tomatoes at Happy Girl

  • Red Boat Fish Sauce (California) talks about their clever distribution strategy.
  • Rooibee Red Tea (Kentucky) shares their path to growth.
  • Runa Guayusa (New York) devised an interesting business model for good.
  • Rustic Bakery (California) fell into a lovely life in local communities, not quite what they'd planned.

Learning the hard, slow, expensive way is so 20th Century. Thanks to the collaborative spirit of the Good Food don't have to! Here's where to buy the book in print and on Kindle.

And, here's a 2018 update on interesting changes in the food business.


Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine start food business review"Artisanal ventures aren't, of course, immune to the usual risks that startups face. That's where Wyshak comes in. Her recent book...guides the would-be entrepreneur through the minefields of branding, packaging, promotion, and more."

The Street

The Street food business book review"Whether you're looking to sell online to producing gourmet foods for grocery chains, Wyshak's handbook will tell you everything you need to know about being a food entrepreneur."

SF Weekly SFoodie

sfoodie review"With advice and anecdotes from more than 75 experts in the field, Wyshak helps you consider not only whether your personality is right for entrepreneurship, but if it is, what kind of food business to consider."

Berkeleyside Nosh

berkeleyside-logoWyshak’s book is meticulously researched: she talked to nearly 75 artisan food producers and other experts. She asks the reader to think about not only whether their personality is right for entrepreneurship, but if it is, what kind of food business they should consider.

purewowThis textbook-like guide, full of helpful charts and checklists, is anything but boring (in fact, it made us quite hungry).

What People Are Saying

Sarah Weiner, Director of the Good Food Awards

"Working with thousands of food crafters creating food that is tasty, authentic and responsible, I'm excited about the possibility of Susie's book helping makers transform their Good Food into thriving businesses."

Joyce Guan, Buyer's Best Friend

"We taste and sell thousands of specialty food products a year. The standouts clearly understand the right mix for the market. We're excited about the potential for Susie's book to help a new crop of great food startups launch with that perfect mix."

Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s Co-Owner and Founding Partner

"A super practical, deliciously down to earth, and really easy to read guide to everything—pricing packaging, guiding principles, partners, press kits, profitability, and a whole lot more—you'll need to know about successfully starting, and running, your very own specialty food business. It's your call—you can take ten years to figure all this stuff out on your own, or you can read Susie Wyshak's new book!"

A Kind Reader

My daughter gave this to me for Christmas, and I have just gotten to it. I cannot keep my hands off it! So much information in one place which I have been searching for in many places and trying to piece it all together. I am looking forward to the organization and step by step planning that moves one to a great end.

Just a few more awesome reader comments...

"I use this book constantly. From my startup only 2 months ago and now." | "The book has so far been fantastic in helping me think about things differently, and changing my priorities. I feel like I have come a long way already, and I am only 80 pages in!" | "This book is exactly what I was looking for and has been a great resource." (more reviews)

About Susie Wyshak

Oakland-based author Susie Wyshak is a Good Food business strategist, writer, connector and candy obsessive. In a good way.

Ever since college at UC Berkeley, the idea of producing crave-worthy food products has intrigued Susie. Marshmallows? California-themed fruit candy? Black rice snacks? Yet Susie chose her "ad woman" dream, leading to marketing breakthrough platforms in the Internet world...all the while hunting down obscure, artisanal foods around the world and helping various farmers' market sellers. Then that pesky cancer came. And went (10 years, booyah!). And as a legacy, Susie developed a bucket-list building website on which thousands of people dreamed up their life goals. Topping Susie's own list: "write a book" and "promote small food producers."

The "aha" moment struck when a Palo Alto chocolate maker asked for her food promotion business card (she had none). Like folks who'll read this book, she envisioned her "I get paid to do this??" work. A chance sighting in a trendspotting newsletter brought that dream to fruition in 2008: Artisan food scout for Foodzie, or what many called  "Etsy for food."

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Your first big decision as a food entrepreneur is little: start smart.

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Book Events

come meet me, Susie WyshakGet Inside Scoop and follow us on Facebook to keep posted on events.  

InTents Grow Your Farmers Market Business Conference - March 19-21, 2017, San Diego, California

Santa Clara University MBA Food & Ag Network - May 2, 2015 - Join Susie, students and alumni as to hear about real-world stories, skills and strategies that help successful entrepreneurs build sustainable, rewarding food businesses. 

Omnivore Books in San Francisco - April 18, 2015 - Omnivore is known for its awesome cookbook collection, so I am thrilled to do a book signing here along with the opportunity for food makers to bring in foods for a tasting and critique. Come on down to this free event!

Craftcation Conference in Ventura - Late March 2015 - Got a burning desire to turn your love of food or art craft into a business? Be here at this conference organized by Dear Handmade Life. You'll LOVE the magic of seaside Ventura.

San Francisco Commonwealth Club - January 12, 2015 - Book signing and panel featuring Farmhouse Culture, Ocho Candy, Sosu Sauces, Peas of Mind as well as food finance expert Elizabeth U. (See the video!)

Dine Around Town with Joel Riddell - January 10, 2015 - on Interwebs everywhere

San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market - December 13, 2014 - Panel and book signing featuring some great Ferry Building Farmers Market sellers Allstar Organics, Nana Joe's Granola, and Hodo Soy

Ashland, Oregon - December 7-8, 2014

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laptop iconGood Food, Great Business is whole lot more than a book. Readers can click into action with online food business resources and free online planning templates

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Books can be pretty great. They can also be hard to get to. Especially if you're not quite sure about this food business thing. Check out Susie's 90-Minute Strategy Session for feedback on your idea and vision along with a quick overview of trends and opportunities.

Occasional live FoodStarter Academy courses will kick off on your food hero’s journey with likeminded entrepreneurs to share feedback, connect you with what you need, kick you in the e-pants and toast your successes.

Just a few cool things past e-courses have included:

  • Weekly webinars with experts, and a chance to get real-time feedback
  • Assignments to motivate your progress
  • Access and introductions to savvy food folk you'd otherwise have to search far and wide to connect with
  • A tight-knit online community who'll become true friends (even if they're business competition)

In just a few weeks, you'll clarify your business vision (the inspiration!), know who you're serving (who'll pay you!), and be ready to embark on fulfilling their needs (the perspiration!).

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